Ice Cream Repair—Texture Transformation

Finding ingredients that provide unique textures and texture transitions is becoming more and more important to formulators worldwide. This desire for texture innovation is being driven by marketers who are constantly seeking to find differentiation for not only their product, but also their overall brand. The challenge to create different product formats and transformations is not an easy one. Formulating products that provide visual and/or sensorial effects without compromising performance can be even more difficult—but Grant Industries is up to this challenge.

The new GRANSIL VX-418 (INCI: Bis-Stearyl Dimethicone) ingredient and related ICE CREAM REPAIR formula concepts were created as part of a dedicated R&D program to provide innovation and new technology in the texture category. With possible applications in all personal care formulations, GRANSIL VX-418 is the ideal platform for creating the next trend—not following it.

Ingredient Properties

As the newest addition in the Gransil VX line of silicone waxes, GRANSIL VX-418 offers innovative texture and sensory capabilities. Comprised of a short chained silicone and C18 stearyl group, it fully transitions from waxto liquid upon contact with skin to offer an extremely light sensory feel. This short chain composition also provides unique rheology performance and reduces possible syneresis effects in formulation.

In addition to light skin feel, the ingredient imparts improved spreading and assists in pigment and UV filter deposition. It also reduces the tackiness and dryness of other ingredients in formulations to improve feel, and provides moisturizing benefits.


In conjuction with GRANSIL VX-418, several ICE CREAM REPAIR formulation concepts were designed to highlight the texture and transition innovation this ingredient can impart in skin care, color cosmetics, body and hair care.

Compared with other waxes, GRANSIL VX-418 offers superior matrix formation in formulation through its “bis” component. This composition, by design, allows for new and innovative texture transformations to be created in a wide array of product categories. The ingredient can be formulated into oil-in-water emulsions, water-in-oil emulsions and anhydrous systems including skin care, color cosmetics, sun care, body and hair care formulations. 

Besides application in standard formulations, the ingredient can create multi-layer toners; act as a binding agent in pressed powders; and improve hair conditioning. It is dispersible in a variety of oils and may be added to the oil phase of all emulsion types; suggested use levels are from 2-30%, depending on application

New Possibilities

Overall, GRANSIL VX-418 is a multifunctional platform material that offers broad compatibility and gives formulators many new possibilities. For more information and further formulation guidance, please contact your Grant Industries’ representative or visit www.grantinc.com.


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