Silicone Emulsifiers and Formulation Techniques for Stable, Aesthetic Products

Emulsions form the underpinning of countless personal care products, from lotions, creams and foundations, to sunscreens, hair conditioners and cleansers. However, not only can emulsions provide the very framework of a product, they may also contribute to the more ethereal or subjective attributes that consumers seek. Qualities that capture the attention of consumers—advertised as fresh, weightless, healthy, smooth and protective—may be evoked in part through emulsions with distinctive textures or sensory effects.

To deliver even the most basic benefits, emulsion stability is the key, and emulsifiers based on silicone polyether structure, generally known as PEG/PPG-X/Y dimethicone, provide one versatile solution, as is shown in the present article. While some organic w/o emulsifiers provide similar marketable effects, they are usually limited in their ability to incorporate silicone oils for a weightless feel in formulations. Furthermore, silicone emulsifiers are typically liquid at RT and do not require waxes for emulsion stabilization, which create a heavier feel.

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