Rheology Modifier for Textures in Cleansing Formulations

Rhodia has launched a rheology modifying polymer for personal cleansing solutions. Rheomer 33 (INCI: Polyacrylate-33) is a hydrophobically-modified, alkali-swellable emulsion (HASE) polymer designed to provide efficient thickening, shear-thinning rheology and good suspension properties in low-to-medium surfactant systems.

According to the company, the polymer allows for product development at low surfactant levels, providing suspending power and enhancement of sensorial properties such as product texture, foam and skin after feel.

The polymer can be used to create formulations such as crystal-clear shower gels with suspended capsules, pearlescent shampoos and body washes, moisturizing shower creams with high oil content, facial scrubs with exfoliating beads and mild baby bath gels and shampoos. For example, it can be used to facilitate the suspension of beads and particles while allowing the exhibition of ultra high clarity, high richness and good foaming properties in personal cleansing end applications.

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