Naturally-derived, Non-ethoxylated Emulsifiers for Natural Products

Colonial Chemical Inc. has created naturally-derived, non-ethoxylated emulsifiers for natural product applications, specifically for 1,4-dioxane-free formulations. Poly Suga Mulse D (Proposed INCI: Decyl-Glucoside Sorbitan Oleate Crosspolymer) and Poly Suga Mulse L (Proposed INCI: Lauryl-Glucoside Sorbitan Oleate Crosspolymer) were created for making w/o and o/w emulsions.

According to the company, formulators who are concerned with removing ethoxylated emulsifiers from their formulation will find these products beneficial. These emulsifiers make natural, low-energy emulsions that are safe for customers and safe for the environment.

Because they are non-ethoxylated, these emulsifiers are especially useful in 1,4-dioxane-free formulations. These mild products give low viscosity emulsions, making them suitable for spray-on sunscreen lotions. The emulsifiers are also ideal for use in natural-based creams and lotions. Naturally derived from sugar, corn and olive oil, these emulsifiers are over 80% natural with a Green Star Rating of 8.09.

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