Bring Food to the Soul of your O/W Emulsion with a Dual Rheology Stabilizing System

Ecology and biology products have been hot and fast-growing topics of the past few years, increasingly catching the attention of consumers, who are in turn becoming more educated and more selective in their purchases. Natural food markets, alternative medicine and yoga are just a few examples of booming trends reflecting this phenomenon.

This article described a novel o/w stabilizing system for cosmetic formulations. It currently exists as two proprietary products that are derived from food technology. Based on natural polysaccharides, the system is mild and safe. It provides stability at low use levels and stabilizes o/w emulsions by impacting the rheology of the system. However, unlike standard rheology modifiers used in cosmetic formulations that costability emulsions by imparting bulk rheology, this system has the unique dual property of imparting both bulk and interfacial film rheology. In this article, we will refer to this system as dual rheology stabilizing system.

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