Eco-solubilizer for Essential Oils and Fragrances

Sinerga has introduced an eco-solubilizer for essential oils and fragrances in cosmetic formulations. Sinerga Research Centre carried out studies to discover Natisol (INCI: Not Provided), a mild and ecological solubilizer able to replace the aggressive non-ionic surfactants deriving from polyethylene traditionally used in cosmetic technology to solubilize fragrances, oils and essential oils into clear water solutions.

According to the company, some lipoaminoacids or lipoproteins can be used as solubilizers, with higher efficacy than traditional surfactants. Accurate tests, that lead to a patent application, showed that a particular lipoaminoacid, never used as a solubilizer and totally vegetable based, can replace the traditional synthetic and ethoxylated surfactants.

The company conducted comparison studies confirming that the ingredient solubilizes essential oils and fragrances in cosmetic formulations for toiletries and perfumery, completely lacking in harmful surfactants deriving from polyethylene. For more information, visit

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