Rahn Sources the Sea Floor for Natural Exfoliant

Rahn introduced a mechanical exfoliating agent derived from a sediment on the sea floor. Fossil Peeling Powder (INCI:Diatomaceous Earth) is a medium granulometry powder with good skin properties and compatibility.

The protective shells of diatoms (one of the most common forms of phytoplankton) that created a sediment on the sea floor millions of years ago form the basis of the exfoliant. The natural powder helps remove superficial dead skin cells, stimulate cell renewal, rejuvenate new skin cells, eliminate impurities, improve skin texture and smoothness as well as restore the skin’s natural radiance and complexion.

It can be used to exfoliate rough areas such as the feet or knees as well as delicate areas. The exfoliating action will be more or less powerful depending on the concentration. The company reported the exfoliant to be ideal for use as peeling particles, due to perfect particle size, shape and efficacy.

The exfoliant can be used as a natural alternative to synthetic exfoliants. It is recommended at 3-7% in o/w or w/o emulsions, gels and lotions. Testing found the exfoliant to product noticeable smoother skin and more effective cleansing.

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