Swallowfield Debuts Aerosol Body Butter Technology

Swallowfield plc has developed an aerosol spray for body butters, believed to be the first of its kind. Aerosols for moisturizers and body oils are already available, and proving increasingly popular with consumers as a mess-free, convenient way to apply lotions.

Swallowfield already offers such a moisturizer dispenser, but has added the aerosol spray for body butters to win more market share in this high growth area. The aerosol ensures that body butter products are not only easily and cleanly dispensed, but, unlike jars, are not exposed to the environment and are therefore protected from contamination, making then more hygienic than traditional pots and jars.

The launch product will combine shea butter and passion flower oil and there are plans to create a whole spray range of butter and oil blends. Swallowfield’s latest aerosol development has been created using a new material, which together with the formulation, shear thins the thick texture of the body butter to create a rich buttery product that can be sprayed. “Just as tomato ketchup becomes thinner when you shake it, the aerosol and formulation changes the behaviour of the body butter so that it can be sprayed," noted Victoria Houghton, who has been involved in the development of the new aerosol product.

“Body butters are seen as more luxurious and indulgent by consumers than their more functional lotion and oil counterparts, and we believe the convenience of our unique aerosols will really appeal to the target market. We have already had major interest in the product. The new aerosol packaging is 100% recyclable and available in 75ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml sizes," added Jane Fletcher, group sales and marketing director at Swallowfield.

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