Fine Oat Powder for Oil Absorption and Thickening

Oat Cosmetics has introduced a fine oat powder for use in natural cosmetic products. Superfine Oat Flour (INCI: Avena Sativa Kernel Flour) has shown oil absorption, thickening, gelling and texturizing benefits.

Oat flour starch granules are polyhedral to irregular in shape and naturally small (2 to 11 microns). This gives the powder the property of feeling smoother and silkier on the skin with less tendency to be opaque than other cereal powders.

According to the company, the ingredient's gelling, thickening and texturizing properties make it beneficial for formulation into skin care such as creams and lotions. In addition, it was shown to absorb 18% more oil than traditional oat flours, allowing it to absorb oil in color cosmetic products such as pressed powder. Also, this oil absorption is said to impart a luster to skin.

The flour reportedly is easy to formulate with over a wide temperature range. In addition, its light color is beneficial to formulators looking for white color bases, and the ultra fine flour is competitively priced when compared with alternatives. It is recommended at 1-15% in formulations with a pH of 4–8 and a temperature range of 25 to 50ºC. The powder is ECOCERT-certified and is free of allergens and genetically modified organisms.

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