Spherical Beads for Active, Pigment, Fragrance Delivery

At In-Cosmetics in Paris, Induchem introduced spherical beads based on cellulose, sugars and pigments. Unispheres can be loaded with lipophilic actives, fragrances, glitter, shimmer or pigments.

There are a four different types of Unispheres: Standard, Natural, Bi-color and Luxury. Standard Unispheres are based on mannitol or lactose. They are available coated or uncoated in various colors and loaded with various actives or pigments. Natural, however, are based on bamboo-derived cellulose and xylitol. According to the company, the Natural Unispheres are suitable for natural formulations. They are available in natural white, bamboo green, ochre yellow-brown and terracotta red-brown.

Bi-color Unispheres are based on mannitol, white coated with a high-pigmented core. The color is released upon application.

Luxury Unipheres, based on mannitol, contain precious gems (diamond, ruby emerald and sapphire), gold or silver. These beads add a shimmer effect to skin.

The Unispheres are recommended for gels, lotions, creams and toothpaste at 0.5-2.0%. The beads are hard and solid in bulk but soft and crushable with gentle rub-out in a finished product. In addition, the beads reportedly do not leave any shell residue on the skin or hair after using. The beads also show a high loading capacity.

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