Fairtrade Ingredients on the Rise in Cosmetics


Organic Monitor has noticed a rising popularity in fairtrade in the cosmetics industry. In the company's report, Strategic Insights: The Potential of Fairtrade Cosmetics & Ingredients, the group finds that companies are increasingly focusing on ethical sourcing and sustainability.

According to the report, natural and organic cosmetic companies are the have already sourced fairtrade ingredients and launched certified products. These fairtrade projects protect endangered plant species and encourage sustainability. Other companies are using fairtrade to guarantee long-term supply of organic ingredients. Most natural and organic cosmetic companies, according to the report, are looking at adopting fairtrade standards to launch certified products.

Driving the fairtrade initiative is a growing consumer interest in social inequality and sustainability. The use of fairtrade ingredients helps people invest in the improvement of communities.

Organic Monitor's report  assesses the business potential of fairtrade cosmetics and ingredients. The report guides companies in developing fairtrade cosmetic ingredients and finished cosmetic products. A review is given of global fairtrade approaches, standards, certification and labeling issues. An assessment is made of fairtrade ingredients that can be used in cosmetic applications. Information is given on sources, properties and applications of fairtrade cosmetic ingredients. Fairtrade products are analyzed, with information given on their ingredient composition, production, prices, product positioning and sales channels. Finally, detailed recommendations are given to companies looking at adopting fairtrade practices for their cosmetics and / or ingredients. For more information, visit www.organicmonitor.com/702192.htm.

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