Natural Rosemary Extract Certified as Organic

Two of Vitiva's extracts have been certified organic by the French organization Ecocert, allowing the company to capitalize on the growing demand for organic products. Inolens and Aquarox are two rosemary extract lines that have demonstrated antioxidant and antiaging properties in personal care formulations. In addition to their skin benefits, the two lines have demonstrated natural preservation properties. According to the company, the extracts can be used as preserving compounds to protect products and extend their shelf life.

Inolens is an oil-soluble rosemary extract that can be used to protect cosmetic oils from oxidation and rancidity, therefore extending shelf life. According to Vitiva, Inolens can  be easily blended with oils such as evening primrose, olive and virgin walnut before being added to skin care products such as body lotions, sunscreens and massage oils. It can also be used in food products to protect against taste change and extend shelf life.

Aquarox is a water-soluble extract that can protect cosmetics from the oxidation that will lead to product breakdown and the development of unwanted odors and colors. The line's antioxidant qualities can enhance the antiaging qualities of a cosmetic formulation. Also, its high oxygen radical absorbance capacity values makes it a possible multifunctional additive for nutritional supplements.

The two lines are allergen-free, GMO-free and 100% natural and organic.

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