Plant-based Emulsifier Amps Up Formulation Aesthetics


Natural emulsions are reportedly possible with Aqdot's recent launch, a plant-based emulsifier meant to boost the aesthetics, flexibility and natural claims of eye, face, hand and body formulations.

AqStar M1 (INCI: Sodium Starch Octenyl Succinate (and) Cucurbituril) contains maize starch and creates glossy o/w emulsions. It is meant to enhance formulations' aesthetics in multiple ways. These include enabling easy spreading; slight elastic behavior; allowing formulations to flow instead of drop; and "peaking" in cream formulations. 

Ninety percent plant-based, the emulsifier reportedly also works well with both polar and nonpolar emollients of any HLB requirement; accommodates aqueous ingredients such as extracts and preservatives; and has a wide pH compatibility.

Suggested applications include body lotions, night creams, eye serums, and organic and inorganic sunscreens. It reportedly disperses well from various packaging forms, including pumps, airless pumps, tubes or bottles.

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