Solabia Technology Spans Well Aging to Microbiome Care


Solabia's spring lineup of plant-based ingredients touches on some of today's prominent cosmetic trends, including scalp care, well aging and microbiome protection.

The supplier showcased the following technologies:

Saniscalp—Derived from passion fruit, this active is meant to defend the scalp from sensitivity, imbalances and dandruff. The ingredient also reportedly prevents and repairs inflammation as a result of hair dye; soothes the scalp; and wards off epidermal disorders. (INCI: Propanediol (and) Water (aqua) (and) Botrytis Cinerea/Passiflora Edulis Fruit Extract/Piceatannol Ferment Filtrate)

3Dermilyn—This sensorial ingredient obtained from plantain seeds stimulates key proteins related to collagen and elastic fibers of the skin in order to restore a youthful appearance. It also increases the synthesis of the skin's hyaluronic acid in order to plump its upper layers; along with reducing infllamation; and increasing seratonin and dopamine to reportedly provide a sense of well-being. (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Plantago Lanceolata Seed Extract (and) Hexanediol)

Bioecolia—A prebiotic, this ingredient is meant to strengthen the body's natural defenses through the production of antimicrobial peptides. It also constitutes a preferential substrate for feeding the body's microorganisms, and acts globally on the microbiomes of various body areas. (INCI: α-Glucan Oligosaccharide)

SolaPearls—New additions to the SolaPearls range include SolaMask, charcoal pearls that are meant to purify and detoxify skin; and SolaScrub, a bamboo exfoliator meant to eliminate dead cells in order to restore a radiant and youthful appearance while fending off free radicals. (INCI: Varies)

SolaGreen Superfluids—This sustainable technology includes 2-in-1 equipment that can screen and optimize the extraction process for plant-derived substances. The energy-saving technology uses a natural solvent along with biodegradable actives, and is in compliance with Cosmos standards.

The ingredients were first showcased at in-cosmetics Global, held in Paris, April 2-4, 2019.

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