Report Finds Consumers Desire Organic, Natural Ingredient Education

Consumers require more education about the effectiveness and product claims of organic and natural cosmetics to justify paying a higher price, according to a recent US study Kairos Consumers, a market research firm. The Kairos study, which involved conducting store audits and focus groups, highlights consumers' general lack of knowledge about the ingredients in organic and natural cosmetics, even though these consumers may regularly purchase and are knowledgeable about organic food.

Cosmetics shoppers reportedly place a greater emphasis on product performance than the safety and wholesomeness related to organic and natural skin care brands. The report emphasized that consumers understand conventional cosmetic claims and are more familiar with the brand names associated with these claims. Therefore, they are more likely to buy these well known brands with claims they understand over  products labeled organic or natural.

In the report, consumers buying organic and natural cosmetics admitted that they know little about what constitutes an organic or a natural product. When asked what they believe makes a natural or organic product appealing to them, cosmetics buyers said safety and the absence of certain negative ingredients.

"Cosmetic shoppers told us they believe cosmetics are deemed safe when they are free of ingredients they view as bad, such as parabens, dyes and chemicals.They also place great importance on the brand's reputation in the organic or natural marketplace, making brand familiarity an important influencer of cosmetic decisions," explains Betsy Hoag, Kairos Consumers co-founder.

"Enormous opportunity exists for both manufacturers and retailers with established brands in organics or naturals, as consumers place great importance on familiar names. Smaller, lesser known brands can also succeed by educating organic shoppers about the effectiveness of organic and natural ingredients as many consumers in the study indicated a desire for this information," notes Hoag.


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