Benefits of Sustainable and Organic Candelilla in Cosmetics

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Organic candelilla wax has many uses in different industries – but perhaps you are not yet aware of its benefits for cosmetics. In this article, you will learn about the main benefits of this wonderful plant and its application in beauty products.

Furthermore, at Multiceras, we are committed to responsible extraction. We created the Grow campaign to guarantee fair, sustainable and innovative trade. We also revolutionized the production and extraction of candelilla wax to achieve a 100% organic product!

Benefits of Organic Candelilla Wax in Cosmetics

The candelilla is a plant native to Mexico and has been used for hundreds of years for different purposes. Currently, organic candelilla is a fundamental ingredient for beauty products and provides multiple benefits for aesthetic health. The most important are the following:

  1. Candelilla wax creates a protective layer on the skin that keeps it moisturized and smooth.
  2. This wax is easily absorbed and works as a vegan alternative to beeswax, as they have similar properties.
  3. It provides shine and softness to the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.
  4. Thanks to its texture, candelilla wax gives beauty products the ideal consistency, so you can use them easily.
  5. Organic candelilla wax is a completely natural product; therefore, it does not have any harmful effects on your skin.

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Formulate products with organic and sustainable candelilla wax!

To obtain these benefits, first and foremost, make sure the candelilla wax you use is 100% organic and natural. Also, check that its extraction and production processes are responsible and sustainable.

Multiceras is the only wax extraction and production company that has created a sustainability campaign. Thanks to the Grow campaign, we can guarantee the welfare of biodiversity and the sustainable development of communities. All this results in high quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

We all have a commitment to the environment. Generate actions that protect it!

Learn about our sustainability actions and initiatives!

We have worked to adjust our processes to the current world and sustainability is now one of our pillars. Following are the strategies that make up our sustainability program:


We collaborate with communities to promote sustainable use of land. In addition, we have a supplier program to promote socioeconomic development.


We support candelilla growers so they know about good harvesting practices in accordance with the regulations of the national authority. In addition to the above, we carry out forestry studies and invest in the reforestation of the candelilla plant.


We provide the community with all the necessary materials and supplies for the wax extraction process. In addition, our scientists have implemented improvements that make the extraction process safer.


Our logistics team oversees purchasing the wax, so that the candelilla growers do not have to transport it. We also apply social responsibility mechanisms that improve their quality of life. Finally, we are always open to dialogue to listen to your comments or requests.

Start creating cosmetic products with sustainable and organic candelilla wax. Multiceras candelilla wax improves the appearance and health of skin while supporting the communities that produce this beneficial product.


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