TEGOSOFT® LO MB – Kick Out Mineral Oil with a Natural All-rounder

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Responsible sourcing of natural-based raw ingredients, traceability, biodegradability and low carbon footprints are all some of the demands made by today’s consumers. Companies take note of TEGOSOFT® LO MB!

Minimize your environmental footprint and kick-out mineral oil with this natural all-rounder.

The trend for formulating skin care naturally is already well established in the cosmetics market. Over recent years the focus has shifted, and the question of what a product contains and, importantly, how it impacts the environment, has been gathering momentum with consumers. Approaching today’s consumer demands for eco-friendly products is becoming more important and is key to maintaining the market performance of skin care formulations.

What does future-oriented formulation look like?

Evonik has developed a unique emollient with TEGOSOFT® LO MB, a natural and sustainable alternative to mineral oil with a comparable sensory. The raw material is entirely based on renewable sources and fully biodegradable as it is produced via a unique carbon optimized bio-catalytic process.

TEGOSOFT® LO MB is particularly suitable for pigment wetting in color cosmetics formulations with its excellent wetting properties, a great reason to kick out mineral oil now and replace it with this sustainable emollient.

Meeting expectations

To meet consumers’ sustainability expectations and contribute positively to the environment, this emollient can help inspire manufacturers to include different formulation aspects in skin care products. Consumers want cosmetic products that not only make a positive impact on their individual lives, but also on the planet. Now manufacturers have the tools to help make that happen.


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