Majime Bio - Prebiotic bio-fermented fruit extracts


The improvement in the functional properties of our new Majime Bio extracts by LAB fermentation results from several mechanisms: elimination of anti-nutritional factors, production of skin-effective metabolites (alpha hydroxy acids or AHA), improvement of absorption of bioactive compounds, increased available micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds) and, beyond that, an increase in the antioxidant capacity of the ingredient.

Moreover, interactions between topically applied fermented ingredients and skin microflora represent a straightforward approach that may balanced the skin microbiome, leading to healthy skin and well-being.

The benefits of lactic acid bacteria–LAB

Fermentation technology involving LAB is known to be useful for producing or improving the function of many kinds of cosmetic ingredients. Advances in LAB science are continuously being used to improve their safety as well, and these ingredients are expected to keep skin in good condition and healthier overall.  

-          Safe bacteria (non-GMO)

-          Self-preservation

-          Strengthening the skin microbiome

The benefits of LAB fermentation

Using fermented products is an excellent way to provide nutritional and protective factors to the skin without the worry of skin irritation. LAB fermentation involves the oxidation of carbohydrates to organic acids; in particular, lactic acid (AHA). The prebiotics in LAB fermented fruits can help to harmonize skin microflora, while antioxidants in fermented fruits can help to clear harmful free radicals, which play a major role in degenerative processes of stressed and aged skin.

-          Increased micronutrient content after fermentation by LAB

-          Biosynthesis of organic acids (AHA) and bioactive molecules

-          Improved bioavailability of bioactive compounds

The benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids—AHAs

AHAs exert benefits both to the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the deep layer (the dermis). AHAs have an exfoliative effect, increasing the shedding of dead skin cells retained at the surface. They do this by gently cleaving the retained bonds between dead skin cells, triggering cell renewal and epidermal metabolism.

-          Exfoliate the skin

-          Natural moisturizer

-          Support skin firmness

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