Degussa Launches Cosmetic Wipes Technology


Degussa’s Goldschmidt Personal Care division has developed a new concentrate for wet wipe applications that reportedly is a PEG-free, low viscous impregnating lotion with fine particle size. TEGO Wipe DE (INCI Not Provided) is designed for formulating o/w impregnating lotions. According to the company, it is made up of ethylene oxide-free emulsifiers, a cosmetic emollient and significant amounts of preservatives.

The liquids can be prepared by diluting the concentrate with water. Emulsions based on the technology have a fine degree of dispersion that provides long-term stability. The formulation also allows the addition of various oils and oil-soluble actives such as perfume. Active ingredients such as panthenol, allantoin or creatine claim to be well tolerated by the final impregnating liquid, and glycerin and alcohol can be included. O/w formulations based on the technology are suitable for the formulation of sprayable emulsions with a wide temperature stability range.

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