Green & Sustainable Deo: sweat control formulations with 0% aluminum salts

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Roll-on & sticks formulations developed with Olivoil—vegetable derived emulsifier sourced through food upcycling—and DEOHAP (Biomimetic HAP mineral)


The vegetable derived hyper fluid emulsion built through an olive-based emulsifier can homogeneously suspend a mineral deodorant complex (DEOHAP DRY, patented active ingredient) and adsorb sweat and malodorous substances found in it through a long-lasting action.

The OLIVOIL & DEOHAP deodorant:

  • Contains 0% aluminum salts.
  • Reduces sweat by 36% after 24h; 31% after 48h.
  • Shows microbiota friendly character and gentle action.
  • Is based on a biomimetic deo-active and food upcycled emulsifier.
  • Activity proven through traditional (gravimetric) and innovative (physical adsorption) tests.


The formula was built using food upcycled emulsifiers (read OLIVOIL technology) obtained through the combination of olive oil unsaturated fatty acids and vegetable amino acids.

Olivoil emulsifiers can build emulsions with low viscosity, silky after-feel and luxury textures while showing a 100% vegetable derived composition and a selected and thorough upcycling sourcing process linked to the use of olives used in the food industry.

DEOHAP DRY (read DEOHAP DRY technology) is a patented mineral based on biomimetic hydroxyapatite, specific for adsorbing sweat fluids and its malodorous components with high affinity.

It can also be formulated in 100% oily formulation like sticks (details are included in the available formulary to download).

It performs similar to an anti-perspirant, although it is not an anti-perspirant (36% sweat adsorption after 24h).


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