Olivoil® Emulsifiers & Surfactants - Sustainable Sensorial Revolution


Kalichem is a biotech company committed to the research, development and production of innovative high-tech specialties.

In compliance to the forever growing need of setting a new standard toward the choice of eco-sustainable specialties in cosmetics industry, Kalichem offers a unique family of 100% vegetable derived emulsifiers and surfactants, enabling to obtain skin care and toiletries end products with sensorial and functional added value, along with a unique profile of respect for the environment and the nature.

The Olivoil® range of specialties is composed of patented emulsifiers and surfactants based on olive oil fatty acids combined to vegetable protein derived polypeptide/peptides or sugars.


Family of biotech emulsifiers obtained from upcycled vegetables derivatives.The range includes Palm Free and RSPO specialties able to build versatile lamellar liquid crystal emulsions with diversified features (from hyperfluid sprayable emulsions to creams loaded with pigments/minerals with high viscosity), along with specialties able to build emulsions in cold process.

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All the Olivoil® emulsifier references give silicon like texture, promoting “double skin” and tensor effects immediately perceivable after the first application, along with a restoring action on the skin barrier, in vivo proven.


Among the most relevant references:

OLIVOIL AVENATE EMULSIFIER: emulsifier based on olive fatty acids and oat polypeptides

OLIVOIL GLUTAMATE EMULSIFIER G-PF: 100 % palm free, 100% naturality value according to ISO  


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Family of sensorially advanced bio-degradable surfactants able to reduce TEWL, promote emollient after feel with maximum delicacy on eye, sensitive skin and intimate areas.

Ideal for hair, face & body care, and baby products.

Olivoil® Surfactants do not contain palm derivatives, are compliant to Vegan, COSMOS and boast high ISO naturality parameters.

Among the most relevant references:

OLIVOIL  FRUTTOSIDE: olive fatty acids, oat polypeptides and fructose, specific for hair & body care

OLIVOIL GLUTAMATE: the best option for water saving, and ideal primary surfactant for sulfate free washes

OLIVERICE: olive and rice peptides, fusion of Mediterranean and Eastern specialties.

OLIVOIL PCA: olive and PCA (NMF key component), the best option to promote hydrolipidic film restoring.



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