Upcycling Nature’s Ingredients for Active Scalp Care

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Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Patchoul’Up,™ a new clean, sustainable, upcycled, vegan, plant-based and scientifically-proven solution to prevent white dry flakes on consumers’ scalps affected by specific issues.

Unlike dandruff, dry and flaky scalps are not associated with microbial infection, rendering traditional dandruff treatments ineffective. Instead, white flaky particles result from two main biological processes: low sebum levels, creating a dry scalp, itching, irritation and discomfort, and anarchic migration of keratinocytes, leading to a thickening of the stratum corneum and, ultimately, flakes of scaly dead skin. Through green fractionation, Givaudan Active Beauty has created Patchoul’Up,™ an eco-designed, upcycled active that rebalances sebum production, regulates stratum corneum desquamation and normalizes the scalp microbiome, controlling flaking and scaling and soothing scalp irritation and itching.

The new eco-designed ingredient supports demand from both customers and consumers for upcycled solutions that preserve precious natural resources while delivering efficient benefits. Our dedicated CMI report highlights that 85%1  of consumers have previously experienced dry flakes, with 40% mentioning dandruff and dry flakes as their main scalp issue. It’s interesting to note that consumers are increasingly educated on this topic, with 44% of those who have experienced dry flakes believing the cause to be an unhealthy scalp microbiome.

Patchoul’Up™ follows the beauty trend of skinification, reflecting consumer demand for products powered by an active ingredient able to treat hair and scalp issues just as they do for skin. Patchoul’Up™ offers a solution by acting at six synergistic levels to:

  • Rebalance sebum production by 39%.
  • Smoothly reduce scalp dry flakes by 31%.
  • Normalize scalp microbiota.
  • Regulate stratum corneum desquamation.
  • Improve scalp condition in 100% of volunteers.
  • Provide well-being benefits.

Fabrice Lefevre, innovation and marketing director, Active Beauty, said: “We continually push the boundaries to offer new sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients to the cosmetic industry, a 'must-have' to satisfy today's customer and consumer demands. For us, upcycling is not just a trend but a true path to success on our journey as a sustainable business. Patchoul’Up™ now adds to our collection of upcycled ingredients first introduced in 2018 with the launch of the skin care ingredient Vetivyne,® and Koffee’Up™ Grade in 2020.”

Patchoul’Up™ is aligned with Givaudan's approach to shaping a sustainable future for all through its Sourcing4Good program. Since 2013, the origination team has been working closely with local producers on the Island of Sulawesi (Indonesia) to develop a sustainable smallholder patchouli business, the success of which can be seen in the island's flourishing patchouli fields. Hundreds of producers and local suppliers are involved in the production of patchouli oil for perfumery, and now for scalp care ingredients. The Givaudan Foundation is working hand-in-hand alongside this initiative to combat illiteracy and nurture a love of reading among local children by establishing school libraries.

Would you like to give it a try? Our Active Beauty team has specially formulated an inspiring concept: S3D® Solid’Hair. A beautifying shampoo enriched by a blend of ingredients (Patchoul’Up,™ Resisthyal® powder, Naturein™ Wheat peptide, BisaboLife®) and a gentle oil (Apricot virgin oil) that will delicately clean the scalp, and protect and nourish the hair while providing an easy-to-style experience.

 1Global CMI Report – Patchoul’up – July 2021 Givaudan Active Beauty


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