Natural & Sustainable Sensory Modification – Verdessence RiceTouch

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Natural & Sustainable Sensory Modification – VerdessenceTM  RiceTouch

The demand for biobased ingredients continues to grow as consumers search for products with effective ingredients and sustainability benefits. Polymers are traditionally sourced from petroleum, which consumers may associate negatively with fossil fuels and environmental damage. The beauty of biopolymers lies in their sustainability, as they’re derived from the cells of living organisms. When sourced responsibly from the right plant materials, biopolymers can be made environmentally friendly.

The Verdessence line by BASF was developed to provide a holistic range of biopolymer ingredients to the personal care industry and keep pace with the latest trends, formulation needs, and sustainability goals. The portfolio offers biodegradable, bio-based solutions made from sustainably sourced and renewable raw materials.

Verdessence RiceTouch is a great example of a highly effective biopolymer which has a great sustainability story and extensive product benefits. The ingredient is upcycled, sourced from non-GMO rice, 100% derived from renewable feedstocks, readily biodegradable and is approved by COSMOS and NATRUE. This plant-based sensory modifier provides a powdery, light and smooth skin feel. Additional sensory benefits include oil absorption, reduction of stickiness and greasiness, mattification and recently added new optical blurring data that shows a strong soft-focus effect.  

Because of the wide range of sensory and functional benefits, Verdessence RiceTouch works well in a wide range of applications, including lotions, creams, cosmetics, sunscreens and AP/Deos. It can also be combined with other products in the Verdessence line of biopolymers for the development of textures and unique sensory experiences.

BASF created the Powdery Under-Eye Balm to show the magic of this ingredient at work. The formula starts off as a fairly solid, wax-like balm in its container, but once it reaches the skin, it begins to transition into an easy gliding, light moisturizing oil with a velvety and powdery after-feel thanks to the star bio-based sensory modifier, Verdessence RiceTouch. Additionally, two cosmetic bioactives, Sqisandryl® LS 9905 and Ultra Filling Spheres® C00487, were included to jam pack the formula with additional skin care benefits such as lessening the appearance of wrinkles and leaving skin looking smooth and hydrated.

Give Verdessence RiceTouch a try as you develop your next natural, personal care product. You’ll see for yourself how the ingredient enables innovative products with exceptional sensory experiences and those increasingly important sustainability attributes.

Learn more about Verdessence RiceTouch and the Verdessence Biopolymers: https://carecreations.basf.us/stories/verdessence-the-beauty-of-biopolymers-in-personal-care

Request a sample: https://carecreations.basf.us/products/verdessence-ricetouch


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