Embrace Clay-versity! Natural Clays Deliver Exceptional Textures


Embrace Clay-versity! Natural Clays Deliver Exceptional Textures

Delivering high performance and unique sensory experiences while meeting high standards for sustainability is exceptionally challenging for formulators.  Polymers provide interesting aesthetics, but are not natural.  Gums are natural, but tend to be stringy and unpleasant at high concentrations.  Rheological clays can provide the balance between performance and aesthetics, allowing the creation of innovative, sustainable, naturally-derived formulations.


Sourced from nature, ingredients like BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ rheological clays can create unique, transformative textures and sensory experiences while also delivering formula stability.  These smectite clays in particular provide thixotropic rheology to formulas.  Thixotropy is a characteristic flow behavior where viscosity reduces as shear is applied and recovers once the shear is removed, allowing ease of application as well as suspension and product stability.  This flow behavior enhances the aesthetics of a cream on the skin, allows flawless application of nail polish and prevents antiperspirants from dripping. Hydrophilic clays, specifically natural hectorite and magnesium aluminum silicate, are highly effective in building viscosity and providing suspension due to their superior yield value. Formulations containing these natural clay ingredients apply silky smooth and leave skin satiny soft. 


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BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2000 is a COSMOS-approved, high purity hectorite clay.   Hectorite can be considered the “Queen of Clay” because of its efficiency in thickening, effective suspension and ability to stabilize formulas even at low use levels.  Simply put, BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2000 is the best option when maximum rheology modification is desired.  It gets these properties from its unique geological origin story, including a volcanic eruption, which resulted in a clay with a very uniform small particle size, consistent charge density and light color.  In water, BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2000 has a silky texture with soft blurring effect. When used in a mask formulation, it imparts a cushioned bounce and leaves skin smooth and detoxified.    BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2000  can also be used to thicken sulfate-free and salt-free cleansers.  It is possible to create a jammy texture product, which transforms to rich luxurious lather.


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Magnesium aluminum silicate is another effective rheological clay.  BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 1100 and BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 550 are both COSMOS-approved, high performance magnesium aluminum silicates.   They are light in color and provide good thickening and suspension.  With BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 1100, it is easy to create stable formulas from milky lotions to buttery creams.   BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 550  is particularly good at enabling suspension of effect pigments in lightweight formulas for a natural, radiant glow.    


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Achieving texture and product performance goals are tied directly to the rheology of a cosmetic, skin care or sun care product. Effective rheology control using multifunctional, natural clay-based rheology modifiers like BENTONE HYDROCLAY products create a positive impact on formulas and consumer perception.   Due to their efficiency in water and easy processing, they can be extremely versatile.  Their uniqueness lies in their ability not only to thicken water, but also in the pleasant silky texture they impart during and after application. Using natural clay based rheology modifiers will create novel and memorable sensory experiences.



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