Eco-friendly Exfoliants and Fine Powders Address Microbead Concerns

Micro Powders, Inc. introduced several new eco-friendly exfoliants and fine powders during the NYSCC Suppliers' Day. Naturescrub products are based on 100% natural waxes such as carnauba and montan, whose irregular particle shapes produce more efficient exfoliating than spherical particles. Available in various sizes, these products enable specified degrees of exfoliation.

Ecoscrub products are high molecular weight powders produced from naturally derived polymers. Designed for use as non-irritating scrub and exfoliating agents, the products provide the same high performance as polyethylene powders but are based on a corn-derived polylactic acid and are biodegradable. They, too, are available in a selection of particle size distributions to control the degree of abrasion and scrubbing action desired in a formulation.

In relation, the Synscrub line of products is produced from high molecular weight, biodegradable synthetic wax and is designed for use as economical, non-irritating scrub and exfoliating agents. These biodegradable products are economical and effective as well as environmentally friendly replacements for microbead exfoliating powders.

Microcare 730 is a finely micronized powder produced from naturally derived montan wax. It is an effective binder for color cosmetics that provides increased adhesion and a smooth, dry feel to color cosmetics and skin care. Finally, Naturebead products are spherical powders based on natural waxes such as rice bran, carnauba, jojoba and beeswax. They are designed for use as non-irritating exfoliating agents, and their spherical shape allows the particles to gently roll across the skin for a massaging effect.

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