Delivering on Time, In Full and On Target: Part I

This two-part article is based on a chapter written for the book Skin Barrier: Chemistry of Skin Delivery Systems.1 Practical information for the cosmetic formulator regarding optimization of skin delivery has been added. The original chapter was written after a discussion among skin delivery experts, in which four questions were asked:

• What are the major developments in skin delivery in terms of formulation?
• What are the unsolved technical problems?
• What are the latest scientific developments that may influence the direction of skin delivery research?
• What areas of research should be focused upon to be ready for the next generation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical product forms?

In this initial installment, the first point will be explored in depth, in addition to special delivery considerations for the cosmetic formulator. The second installment, to be published in the June 2008 issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, will discuss the three latter points. In general, after the complete discussion, it was concluded that although pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations differ considerably because of regulatory and customer requirements, they share the same deficiencies with respect to skin delivery characteristics.

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