Blis Technologies Applies Live BLIS Q24 Strain in Probiotic Hydration Serum

Blis Technologies Live Probiotic Hydration Serum Portrait
Blis Technologies

Blis Technologies has patented a probiotic strain, BLIS Q24, and incorporated this key active in its Live Probiotic Hydration Serum, the first product launched under the new Unconditional Skincare Co. brand.

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The company reports this probiotic strain is unique to the brand, and the serum is designed to support the live delivery of the skin-specific probiotic with a shelf-life of up to two years. Blis highlights this formula capacity as unique, considering many current products positioned as probiotic are based on dead cultures, prebiotics or postbiotics rather than living entities.

In fact in May 2021, a class action suit was filed against Clinique for claiming it utilized a probiotic technology; according to Blis, this formula contained antimicrobial chemicals that would render probiotic cultures useless. "Prebiotics and postbiotics are beneficial to the skin, but only live probiotics can colonize and duplicate within the skin microbiome," the company states.

BLIS Q24 starts on the skin as a live probiotic to reduce the number of "bad" bacteria in the microbiome, the company explains. During its lifecycle, the strain also produces postbiotics and at the end of its lifecycle, it breaks down to release lysates, which calm inflammation and nourish the skin.

According to the company, the serum has been proven to promote skin health. In addition to clinical research, consumer market research was undertaken in both New Zealand and the United States, with approximately 130 consumers completing 30 days of product use. Participants indicated a reduction in acne (~80%), less dryness (~82%) and a reduction in redness (~62%). Overall, 72% of participants indicated the product was better than their regular moisturizer.

“There has been a steady increase in the number of cosmetic skin care brands claiming probiotic properties but most have been unable to produce a product that includes a true probiotic; that is, live bacteria. Those that have tend to have short shelf-life,” said Julie Curphey, CMO at Blis Technologies. “BLIS Q24 works to re-balance the skin’s microbiome, enhancing the natural qualities of skin... provid[ing] the skin with the ability to fight off frequent issues including redness, blemishes, dryness and oiliness.”

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