Cosmetic Ingredient to Boost Cell Metabolism and Protein Synthesis in 60+ Skin

Sederma has created an active that addresses the affects of aging skin. Essenskin (INCI: Not Provided) was created to fortify and restructure the thin and fragile skin of individuals 60+. According to the company, mature skin suffers from the essential nutrient deficiencies of minerals, vitamins and amino acids causing skin slackening, skin thinning, dull complexion, irregular skin surface, dehydration and age spots.

The new ingredient reportedly is a complementary source of calcium and essential amino acids and is especially designed to reboost cell metabolism and protein synthesis, rebalance ion flow and recreate calcium gradient in order to regulate the barrier homeostasis and the epidermal differentiation. 

The company conducted in vitro and in vivo tests that demonstrated a stimulation of metabolism with an increase of cell multiplication (+213%) and protein synthesis (+135%). In addition, the company reported the ingredient protects the cells from an osmotic shock with a cell viability of +454%. A two month clinical study was carried out on 29 female volunteers that were 60 on average with mature skin and sagging neckline, under no hormonal treatment where a randomized half application of a cream containing 2.5% Essenskin or a placebo on the face, arm and neck was applied. The company reported a significant and visible improvement of the skin density (+68%), firmness and elasticity for 80% of the panellists. Moreover, the skin was said to be more resistant (+21%) and smoother.

A final test was carried out on skin reflectance. This parameter is the quantity of reflected light and depends on the epidermis opacity which increases with aging. Finally, 100 panellists tested the ingredient for 21 days and confirmed previous tests with a global satisfaction on 20 criteria. For more information, visit

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