Ingredient Targets the Double Chin

Contouring products are no longer just for the legs, behind and decollete. Sederma has introduced an active that targets excess chin fat. Ovaliss (INCI: not provided) is said to visibly reduce the double chin and reshape the facial contours.

The ingredient is a natural substance that claims to reduce thickness of fatty tissue. It is said to erase the double chin and visibly reshape facial contours. Like any other part of the body, the chin is prone to developing fat, which is the most common reason for developing a double chin, where too much fat being is being stored below the jawline.

The ingredient is said to permit reconstruction of the skin’s support tissue by adipose tissue reversion. The company led a clinical study on 25 female volunteers, who applied the ingredient in a 2.5% solution twice daily on the chin for 56 days.  Through the FOITS technique, a reduction of double chin volume was measured by up to 10.4% for the first quartile, and a significant decrease of the fold of fat was noticed in 64% of volunteers. By echography, the thickness of fatty tissue was measured and significantly decreased for 88% volunteers. Furthermore, after 56 days, the fat layer reduced by up to 7.7% for the first quartile. For more information, visit

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