Green Tea Powder for Cosmetic Formulations

KEIKO Teas has introduced a green tea powder for formulation into beauty products. KEIKO Kabuse No. 2 Green Tea Powder is a certified organic, half-shaded, Japanese green tea powder for use in food, as well as health supplements and beauty products.

Unlike other green tea powders, this powder is created from Japanese, half-shaded tea from a picking on June 2, 2007. The whole tea leaf, including the veins, is incorporated using a proprietary technique of KEIKO, Japan.

KEIKO’s half-shaded tea is said to house an assortment of nutrients, and the proprietary process creates a green tea powder that is water soluble at 25° C, making it useful for many production applications.  KEIKO also offers four other types of virgin matcha from early pickings. For more information, visit

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