Red Algae for Whitening

Silab has launched a whitening agent that limits melanogenisis and the transport of melanosomes to lighten brown spots and create an even complexion. Whitonyl (INCI: not provided) is an extract of Palmaria palmata, a red aquatic algae that grows on seashore rocks.

According to the company, chronic sun exposure leads to cutaneous photo-aging, characterized by the appearance of deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigment disturbances such as age spots, freckles or brown spots. These phenomena, accentuated with age, are predominantly located on areas of the body regularly exposed to the sun such as the hands, face, arms, etc., particularly of Asian women.

This whitening agent is said to give those with brown spots a clear, homogeneous and opaline complexion. The ingredient limits the transport of melanosomes while controlling photo-induced pigmentation, which leads to reduced senescence and lightening of brown spots due to sunlight. According to the company, the ingredient unifies the complexion and is recommended for all depigmenting concepts.

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