Silab Sources Calendula for Epigenetic Anti-aging

Silab has debuted an anti-aging active that reduces modification of the epigenome with time to allow cutaneous cells to better respond to stress and live longer. Epigenomyl (INCI: Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract) is rich in oligosaccharides to smooth the skin’s microrelief, reduce wrinkles and even skin tone. 

Environmental influences and lifestyle modify the epigenome set of mechanisms regulating gene expression. The company notes that 80% of skin aging is linked to the environment. Biological balance is disturbed, which accelerates aging.

The active was found to boost the mechanisms involved in epigenetic regulation—modification of histones (H3K9 and H2AX) and miRNA expression. It was also found to normalize procollagen I synthesis and preserve the organization of elastin and fibrillin 1 fibers.

The active is recommended for all anti-aging skin care. The company reported it to limit the signs of skin aging and improve perceived age in 100% of volunteers. It is compliant with cosmetic regulstions in Europe, the United States, Japan and China.

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