Oat Cosmetics Rebrands Oat-based Ingredients

Oat Cosmetics has rebranded their range of oat-based cosmetic ingredients. This news follows the launch of the company's organic colloidal oatmeal and superfine oat flour.

The expansion of the product range necessitated a simplified naming system, which allows customers to clearly identify the various grades in each ingredient group. In addition, the new names incorporate Oat Cosmetics trademark word "Oat." For example, the original colloidal oatmeal is now referred to as Oat COM USP, whereas the newly launched organic version is Oat COM ORG.

The company maintains that there is no change in the quality of their ingredients. The company is currently focusing on R&D and is looking to introduce a number of new and innovative oat derived ingredients throughout 2013. The ingredient rebrand will help to facilitate the continuity with future product expansion.

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