Quaternary Ammonium Compound for Hair Shine, Color and Condition

Croda has launched an active that has been developed to intensify hair color. VibraRiche (Proposed INCI: Rapeseedamidopropyl Ethyldimonium Ethosulfate (and) Quaternium # (and) Dipropylene glycol (and) 1,3 Propanediol) is a liquid technology that imparts shine, deepens hair color, conditions hair and extends color life.

Croda quantified the active's effect on hair vibrancy using Hair Color Vibrance Factor (HCVF), the company's methodology to measure vibrancy using lustre and chroma. The HCVF was calculated for hair dyed with and without the active, and the resulting data showed that the hair dyed with the active had an HCVF almost 10% higher than the control.

In addition to increasing the vibrance of the hair, the company has found that the active doubles the longevity of a hair dye’s initial color. In a colorwash fastness study, hair dyed with the active maintained its color for twice as long as the control product without it.

While many hair color treatments contain additional ingredients to improve the condition of the hair during and after processing, this active was specifically designed to bring softness to the hair from a dye system. The added conditioning benefit of the active was apparent from data showing that hair dyed with it is softer and easier to comb and detangle than hair dyed with a control.

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