Increasing Female Attraction With Coleus forskohlii Root and Black Tea

Provital combined Coleus forskohlii root and black tea to create an active that enhances a male’s sexual attraction. Sensfeel (INCI: Not Provided) increases the synthesis of the male pheomone androstadienone with the objective of increasing the power of attraction.

Androstadienone has been shown to have a positive influence on the perception women have about men. Diterpene obtained from Coleus forskohlii increases the expression of the enzyme 3ß-HSD to produce more androstadienone. In addition, polyphenols obtained from Camellia sinensis (black tea) leaves reduce 5α-reductase activity to decrease androstadienone metabolization and cause its accumulation. By activating the synthesis of this pheromone, the active increases physical attraction.

The active is recommended at 1–2% for any type of men’s care products such as after-shave, deodorant, shower gel, body milk and body lotion.

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