Brown Algae Extract for Improved Hair Health and Shine

Provital has sourced brown algae to create an active said to reconstruct damaged hair fibers and impart shine. Keramare (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Glycerin (and) Zea Mays Starch (and) Cystoseira Compressa Extract) incorporates the algae into into a delivery system that releases the active sequentially into the hair.

The active reportedly works on all hair types, especially damaged hair. It reconstructs the keratin fiber from the inside and regenerates the cortex of damaged hair. According to the company, the active has shown to improve other visual and sensory parameters such as feel, hydration and overall appearance. The active has also been shown to protect the hair against thermal treatment damage.

The active is supplied as a pale brown viscous liquid. It is soluble in aqueous solutions. It is recommended at 0.5–5% in hair strengthening and intensive repairing products, hair repairing products to use after chemical and/or thermic hair treatments, hair daily use products, hair color, hair styling products, hair brightening products and hair care for thermal protection.


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