Tamarind Polysaccharide and Wild Bilberry Extract for Skin and Hair

At In-Cosmetics 2011 in Milan, Indena launched two botanical ingredients for natural skin and hair care products. Xilogel (INCI: Not Provided) is a natural polysaccharide from Tamarindus indica(tamarind) that is designed to be an alternative to hyaluronic acid, while Omegablue (INCI: Not Provided) is a oily extract obtained through the clean CO2 extraction of Vaccinum myrtillus L. (wild bilberry) seeds, which is said to soothe skin.

The tamarind extract reportedly exhibits anti-aging and hydrating properties. According to the company, clinical trials have shown tamarind to have the ability to: moisturize, improve skin elasticity and improve skin micro-roughness. In addition, the tamarind polysaccharide offers an optimal sensory feeling due to its high molecular weight, allowing for the formation of viscous gels.

The wild bilberry extract has been developed as a topical soothing agent for sensitive skin and as a skin and hair restructurant. It leverages the company's four decades of experience with bilberry fruits. Wild bilberry contains sebum-like essential fatty acids (Omegas 3 and 6) that form a protective barrier from external agents. Its major components are linoleic and alpha linolenic acids. While linoleic acid is involved in the mechanism of cutaneous hydration, exerting a plastic-structural role for the skin, alpha linolenic acid has a major anti-inflammatory effect. The extract is said to impart a light and silky touch to skin.

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