Anti-wrinkle Skin Care Peptide

Merck’s EMD Chemicals has launched a cyclic peptide including the five amino acids arginine (R), glycine (G), aspartate (D), D-phenylalanine (F) and aminocyclohexane carboxylic acid (ACHA) to fight wrinkles.

RonaCare Cyclopeptide-5 (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Alcohol (and) Lecithin (and) Ectoin (and) Cyclopeptide-5 (proposed)) is said to mimic the function of skin’s cell adhesion proteins and stimulate matrix remodeling to produce younger-looking skin. According to the company, the RGD amino acid sequence interacts with integrins while the F amino acid stabilizes the peptide against proteases in the skin. The D amino acid reportedly increases signaling and further improves the efficacy of the cyclic peptide, and the ACHA amino acid helps to optimize its cyclic structure, which according to the company, creates a better fit with the receptor than linear RGD peptides.

The peptide is said to: improve the appearance of inflammed and aging skin, smooth skin and reduce wrinkles, inhibit the degradation of ECM proteins like collagenase and elastase to retain the skin’s elasticity and firmness, activate fibulin, laminin and collagen, impart benefits effectively at 2–5% in anti-aging skin care.

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