Biomimetic Auxin for Antiaging, Protection

Exsymol S.A.M. has created a conjugated biomimetic auxin to impart antiaging and neuroprotective benefits to personal care formulas. Auxistim G (INCI: Glutamauxin (and) Methylpropanediol (and) Water (aqua)) is comprised of the auxin indolacetic acid (IAA), which is conjugated to the amino acid glutamic acid.

An auxin is a plant growth substance, often referred to as a phytohormone or plant hormone, that plays a role in the growth processes of plant life cycles. According to the company, IAA is an ubiquitous auxin, meaning it takes part in all the key processes of vegetal growth. The company conjugated the auxin with an amino acid to improve its stability.

The conjugated biomimetic auxin exhibits properties similar to other phytohormones including antioxidation, stimulation of cell metabolism and collagen formation. Since the auxin is found in small quantities in plants, the company has produced a synthetic analog of indolacetic acid rather than extracting it from plants.

The cosmetic active is recommended at 1.0% in product formulas. In addition, it is distributed by Biosil Technologies Inc

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