Targeting the Reticular Dermis with Black Pepper Berries

Silab has launched a high performance antiaging ingredient, Retilactyl D, based on alpha-glucans and rhamnogalacturonans derived from black pepper berries to target the reticular dermis. According to the company, the material acts on this deeper level of the dermis to confer resistance to tractions and tensions on the skin; it does so by increasing the adhesion, contraction and migration of reticular fibroblasts to strengthening the skin's underlying structure. Further, the material was shown to correct the impact of photoaging by remodelling the contours of the face and density and firmness of the skin.

According to the company, after 56 days of twice daily application of the material at 3% to skin in vivo, compared to a placebo, the material was shown by cutometer to increase firmness by 8% (p = 0.0160) and tone by 12.3% (p = 0.0123). These results showed that the material enabled the skin characteristics of Group B, subjected to photoaging, to appear more like subjects in Group A, the non-photoaged group. Volunteers in the photoaged group also reported that after the 56 days of twice daily application, in comparison with a placebo, the material made their skin firmer and more tonic, remodelling their skin features. The company reports that 90% of volunteers reported the material as having a firming effect.

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