Pinus Pinaster Bark to Soothe and Protect

Res Pharma introduced an active that protects and soothes the skin to contrast the appearance of chronological aging, Pantrofina PC (INCI: Diglycerin (and) Pinus pinaster extract).

Pinus pinaster is a marine pine that thrives in windy and sunny locations--extreme conditions that typically are not suitable for other plants. In order to survive in such an environment, the pine has developed substances contained within the bark that protect and defend the plant from external aggressions.

According to the company, the active extract can be used to protect against free radicals, which slows progressive ATP deficiency. In addition, the active soothes the skin by inducing a minor release of the inflammation mediators IL-6 and IL-8 and limiting the damage at a cellular and extracellular level.

The company reports this material provides greater anti-radical activity than vitamin C and solubilized vitamin E acetate. It also demonstrated a greater soothing effect on skin when compared to calendula fluid extract. The product is recommended for day creams night creams, antiaging serums, after sun products, after shaves and depilatory and soothing products.

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