An Eye for Radiance


Helping redesign the eye contour with youth and radiance, GATTEFOSSÉ plans to launch Gatuline Link n Lift (INCI: Fructose (and) Glycerin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Extract) at in-cosmetics Global in April 2017.

The cosmetic active is the first obtained using the natural deep eutectic solvents technology, a green and non-toxic process allowing the extraction of unattainable components with conventional solvents.

It was tested in vitro on skin cells and found to act in the dermis and dermal-epidermal junction levels. By doing so, it helps the skin to fight matrix degradation and stimulate the synthesis of major components involved in epidermis-dermis cohesion.

At 2%, the ingredient acts on all eye contour wrinkles including the crow’s feet, under-eye area and tear troughs. In a double-blind study, in comparison with a placebo, the ingredient reduced wrinkles visibly within two weeks and the skin became smoother.

Organically certified, Gatuline Link n Lift is extracted from horse chestnut flowers and is manually picked in Ardèche, France.

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