Lotus for Anti-cellulite Action

Pro-Sveltyl (INCI: Butylene glycol (and) water (aqua) (and) Nelumbo nucifera leaf extract) is the latest anti-cellulite innovation incorporating lotus extract for its high anti-cellulite activity. Launched by Silab, the material is designed to target cellulite.

According to the company, during changes in fat mass, the adipose tissue, abnormally swollen with water, secretes pro-inflammatory factors and MMPs. Its functions are altered, leaving a clear field for multiple metabolic complications.

Drawing from the lotus, this active ingredient is said to exhibit draining effects as well as reduce fat storage by activating lipolysis and boosting the synthesis of sIRT‑1, known to be a universal gene for caloric restriction.

The material also claims to limit adipose tissue inflammation by stimulating the expression of adiponectin while preserving fibrous architecture by inhibiting the activity of adipocyte MMP‑2 and MMP‑9.

Thus, its anti‑inflammatory properties, its capacity to restore the homeostasis of adipose tissue, and its slimming virtues make it an effective weapon against cellulite, reports the company.

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