Cellulite Reduction Duo Introduced

Seppic introduces its SOS Silhouette program that includes two actives that act on adipocytes, or fat cells, to reduce cellulite and prevent its future formation. Adiposlim (INCI: Vectorized proline) restricts and eliminates the storage of fats in the adipocytes reportedly by inhibiting free fatty acid production and stimulating lipolysis, which recycles these free fatty acids into energy. The company reports that the ingredient reduces cellulite in one month. The ingredient can replace caffeine for lipolytic action in formulations and according to the company, it is easier to use and offers the advantage of avoiding triglyceride reformation.

Unlike Adiposlim, which claims to reduce current cellulite, Adipoless (INCI: Quinoa extract) claims to prevent future cellulite formation. Through an anti-adipogenisis mechanism, the company maintains the product blocks the MMP-9 signals that control new adipocyte recruitment. The ingredient reportedly also uses an anti-angiogenisis mode of action where the formation of new blood vessels are inhibited, which suppresses cell maturation and forces the adipocytes to stay in their dormant, non-operational, non-fat storing form.

The two anti-cellulite products, according to the company, are well tolerated by the skin and can be used independently or together for their curative and preventative properties and their slimming effects. For more information, visit Seppic's Web site.


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