Fat's New Tropical Enemy

Fruits & Passion introduces the Pineapple Slimming Ritual, a four-step beauty treatment that reportedly attacks fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks.  The system is formulated with bromelaine, an enzyme found in the stem of the pineapple that, according to the company, boosts the slimming process.

The system includes a slimming shower cream, which is formulated with bromelaine, pineapple extract and mango butter; a slimming exfoliating cream, which utilizes bromelaine, pineapple extract, mango butter, coffee extract, ivy, meadowsweet, bladderwack algae, horsetail and guarana; slimming serum, which incorporates bromelaine with papaine and CoAxel; and a body butter, which includes bromelaine, pineapple extract, papaine, mango butter, coffee butter, ivy, meadowsweet, bladderwack algae, horsetail and guarana.

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