Three-level novel brightening ingredients by ICHIMARU PHARCOS

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The global beauty trend is shifting from "skin whitening," which depends on one's natural skin color, to "skin brightening," which is a more universal concept. "Whiteness" is defined as skin color based on the amount of melanin, the black pigment produced by melanocytes. Although acquired factors also play a role, genetics have a strong influence on whiteness. On the other hand, "bright skin," which is often interpreted in terms such as "clarity," depends on various acquired factors instead of melanin.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS proposes a combination of three natural cosmetic ingredients that are effective in brightening the skin to effectively make it appear brighter.

Target 1: Skin volume.

Solution: Activation of subcutaneous preadipocytes.

Recommended product: Adeplump.

Adeplump is a perfect adipose enhancer for beautiful plumped skin, obtained from Arnica Montana flower. It is clinically proven to increase skin smoothness, brightness and elasticity, volumizing the face, lips and other body parts while reducing skin wrinkle.

Effects of Adeplump:

  • Increase of the number and volume of preadipocytes;
  • Improvement of wrinkle, smile lines;
  • Skin elasticity increase, lower eyelid;
  • Enhanced brightness and harmonized uneven skin;
  • Enlargement of the breasts.

Target 2: Surface roughness.

Solution: Formation of epidermal tight junction.

Recommended product: MandarinClear HS.

The stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin, lets light pass through which determines the brightness of the skin. The stratum corneum is made of corneocytes. When the surface of corneocytes is rough, the skin looks dull, as if it is covered with frosted glass.

MandarinClear HS smooths the skin’s surface by making each epidermal cell firmer. It also makes the skin look clear as though it radiates from within by increasing the amount of internally reflected light from the deeper skin layers (light recognized as skin tone).

Effects of MandarinClear:

  • Promotes the formation of smooth and uniform stratum corneum;
  • Improvement of skin clarity;
  • Improvement of skin brightness.

Target 3: Lipofuscin.

Solution: Activation of proteasome and autophagy.

Recommended product: JuniperBright.

The market size of skin lightening is more than USD $10 billion. We defined skin brightening as the state that light reflects in the epidermis, making the skin appear brighter. However, some factors like lipofuscin cause light to scatter on the skin and make skin appear dull. Moreover, lipofuscin accumulates in cells with aging because of weakened intracellular cleanup systems, such as the ubiquitin-proteasome system and autophagy.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS searched for a material that activates these systems and discovered that an extract of Juniperus communis fruit had this effect and launched the natural cosmetic ingredient “JuniperBright”. JuniperBright reduces lipofuscin and improve skin brightness for borderless beauty.

Effects of JuniperBright:

  • Reduction of lipofuscin accumulation (through activation of proteasome and autophagy);
  • Skin brightening;
  • Increase of internal reflected light;
  • Reduction of skin age spots.

Recommended Combination

These ingredients are COSMOS APPROVED and registered in China IECIC 2021.

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