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Nagase Viita manufactures unique nature-oriented saccharide ingredients for extensive fields, such as food, personal care and pharmaceuticals. We deliver unique and functional ingredients to the world through NAGASE global network.

"Viita" comes from the Latin word "Vita" meaning life, to represent our long tradition of respecting life and pursuing the well-being of people and the Earth.

With a deep insight into biotechnology and science, we deliver biodegradable personal care ingredients. By bringing together the technology and expertise of the NAGASE Group, we strive to co-create new value that goes beyond ‘holistic beauty;’ reflecting what consumers will seek in the future.

Embrace Nature, Empower Beauty

Our journey of embracing nature has led us to grow with dedication toward ensuring a sustainable future.

Here are our latest initiatives in developing materials for a healthier planet:

  • Procurement of raw materials: verifying suppliers protecting nature and respecting human rights;
  • Natural, bio-based and biodegradable* ingredients;
  • Product manufacturing using enzymes derived from soil microorganisms;
  • Effective utilization of upcycled materials and waste reduction practices;
  • Reduction of CO2 emission during procurement, particularly during production processes.

*Our seven ingredients were proven to be “readily biodegradable:” evaluated by OECD Chemical Substance Test Guideline No. 301F (degraded at least 60% within 28 days)

Check out our actions on sustainability

For our dedication to sustainable manufacturing, human rights and procurement, we have been awarded a platinum medal by EcoVadis, a sustainability survey agency covering over 180 countries.

Platinum is the highest rank, given to the top 1% of over 130,000 assessed companies. We continue to commit sustainability and social responsibilities towards a better future for the people and the Earth.

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Our signature ingredients:


AA2GTM is a Japanese-made vitamin C derivative empowering radiant and youthful looking skin.

  • Powerful efficacy: Skin-brightening and anti-wrinkle effects to prevent photo-aging.
  • Formulation friendly: Greatly improved stability while retaining the natural biologic functions of Vitamin C.

Since its launch in 1995, AA2GTM has been widely used in various personal care products worldwide.


Trehalose is an effective moisturizer beneficial for various types of personal care products, which retains water by the level of molecular structure.

  • Strong humectant especially in dry conditions: Increases the water retention capacity by penetrating to the stratum corneum.
  • Light texture with less stickiness: Trehalose keeps the skin hydrated without affecting the texture, unlike other saccharides.

As the first manufacturer to succeed in the industrialization of trehalose in the world, we have been conducting in-depth research into saccharides to contribute to the overall well-being of people’s body and skin.

Other sustainable ingredients:

  • Glucosyl Naringin: Upcycled active ingredient beneficial for anti-aging, increasing both production and fiber formation of elastin.
  • LissenareTM: Functional saccharide providing breakthroughs to hair care and hair styling products.

Explore more about our ingredients

We started from the research in saccharides and enzymes.

Since 1883 (as former Hayashibara Co., LTD.), we have built a strong tradition and deep expertise in glycoscience and enzymes. We established enzymatic technology to produce sweet syrups from starch in 1959, becoming one of the largest manufacturers in Japan in the 1950s. This led to the development of our expertise in glycoscience and microbiology within the field of bioscience, followed by exploration in life sciences aimed at enhancing the well-being and positive impact on people’s lives.


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