100% Green Cationic Conditioning Active and Afro Hair Care

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Kerashaft Alab is a worldwide approved (including China) active ingredient for hair care rinse-off and leave-on applications. It is based on an innovative biotech composition made of biodegradable vegetable derived oligopeptides and postbiotics.

Compared to most of the market options in the same application field, its composition is fully ‘green,” compliant to Cosmos and Natrue standards, along with ISO16128 naturality value higher than 99%.

Application-wise, it is positioned as a potential complement or alternative to benchmark cationic conditioning actives to significantly boost gloss, anti-frizz, combing improvement and restructuring effects, therefore it can either complement or entirely replace conventional silicon and acrylates-based quats, while maintaining ‘salon-quality’ effects, which are often challenging to achieve with purely green alternatives.

The specialty acts through its oligopeptides by restructuring the damaged cortical area of the shaft and through its basic amino acids neutralizing static charges on the hair and supporting claims like hair luminosity, conditioning, detangling, anti-frizz, restructuring, combing and manageability improvement.

Due to its unique structural nature and tailored substantivity, the bioactive peptides are particularly suitable for styling products, especially those designed to avoid build-up.

Ex vivo studies carried out on both caucasian and afro hair demonstrate its superior anti-frizz, resistance to combing, gloss and restructuring actions against market benchmarks specific for each claim, strongly backing its marketing positioning as salon-inspired 100% green technology.

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