The Science of Beauty Sleep: Natural Rest for Rejuvenated and Radiant Skin

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In today's hectic world, sleep seems like a luxury. Because of bad habits, work stress, anxiety, parenting or aging, people frequently experience disturbed nights. Worldwide, 4 billion people wake up tired; 62% of adults feel they don’t sleep well; 67% report sleep disturbances while 80% want to improve their sleep.i

The need for better sleep quality is simple: sleep is fundamental to health, beauty and well-being. Sleep helps us recover from everyday stresses and prepare us for the next day through vital biological processes. In the brain, sleep increases mental capacity and improves emotional resilience,ii,iii while in the body sleep enhances immune function and regenerates tissues and energy.

When sleep is challenged, its benefits decrease and can lead to various disorders. In the skin, the most affected processes are regeneration and immunity.iv,v When not completed, it leads to visual signs of fatigue: dark under-eye circles, dull and dehydrated skin, increased wrinkles and the appearance of redness.vi,vii

The link between lack of sleep and skin appearance is seen by consumers: 66% of French adults and 58% of adults in the U.S. think challenged sleep is negative on skin.viii Today’s consumers are looking for healthier nighttime routines and even cosmetic products to enhance quality sleep and mitigate its adverse effects to wake up rejuvenated and looking healthier.

In response to this demand, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics took a holistic approach by introducing two complementary natural active ingredients: Immunight™ and Regenight.™ These products target the enhancement of nighttime skin recovery by utilizing a unique dual action to improve sleep quality through olfactory compounds but also provide direct topical benefits to the skin, addressing the two primary biological processes affected by challenged sleep.

To address the first biological process compromised by lack of sleep; skin regeneration, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics developed Regenight.™ Using unique standardized upcycled olfactory molecules from Australian tea tree oil, Regenight™ helps improve sleep recovery and provides melatonin-like efficacy, without impacting melatonin. Known as the sleep hormone, melatonin is also produced in the skin where it plays a crucial role in skin protection and night regeneration by facilitating cellular clean-up, DNA repair and reduction of oxidative stress. By working on this same pathway, Regenight™ offers a unique approach to mitigate the impact of poor sleep on skin though the improvement of nighttime skin regeneration, allowing for a rejuvenated, revitalized and healthier-looking skin by the next morning.

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To address the second biological process disrupted by lack of sleep; skin immunity, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics developed Immunight.™ Derived from organically grown lavandin through a proprietary process using plant-based solvents, Immunight™ contains a distinctive blend of oil-soluble volatile and heavy molecules. It helps improve sleep quality through olfactory compounds and simultaneously provides a direct action on the skin by stimulating the production of melatonin by skin cells, regulating clock gene expression and resynchronizing the skin’s circadian rhythm. As a result, Immunight™ strengthen the skin’s immune system and reduces the appearance of skin redness and signs of fatigue, resulting in a relaxed and radiant look after just one night.

By targeting the root biological causes behind signs of fatigue and enhancing sleep quality, these two innovative solutions offer a holistic and natural approach to the sleep beauty trend. Providing overnight beauty benefits while improving skin health, their breakthrough dual action, involving both inhalation and topical application, empowers cosmetics manufacturers to address a long-standing consumer need: reducing the adverse effects of poor sleep on skin quality. The result is waking up with a relaxed, radiant and rejuvenated look after just one night!

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