Hair “skinification”: bond repair and natural cationic conditioning active

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Kerashaft specialties are made of specific peptides, oligopeptides and polypeptides aimed to re-build, repair and condition the hair subject to daily aggressions and the aging process.

Following a deep study of the hair physiopathology, Kalichem laboratories designed a range of active ingredients aimed to promote bond repair and re-arrangement, hair restructuring, volumizing, hydrating, illuminating and conditioning.

Ideal for hair pattern type from 1 to 4, from fine to textured and thick to thin hair, Kerashaft specialties can be indistinctly used for daily home routine, salon treatments and styling applications.

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KERASHAFT V: Ultimate solution for bond repair 

  • Bond repair (+325% sulfur delivered on the hair versus benchmark keratin);
  • -47.6% hair break-up vs a leading “green keratin” benchmark;
  • Hair volumizing (+17% on single hair units);
  • Proven heat protection and hair restructuring after bleaching and dye;
  • Functionality tested on both on leave-on and rinse-off applications;
  • 100% vegetable derived composition.

KERASHAFT Q: Advanced hair conditioning for professional applications 

  • Hair keratin sealing and smoothing effect;
  • Professional luminous finish, detangling, conditioning and combing improvement;
  • 0.9 Natural Origin Index (ISO16128 standard);
  • Vegan composition, based on food derived vegetable proteins functionalized with quat;
  • Proven action after drying and straightening;
  • Despite its selective action on hair surface, the ingredient promotes significant bond re-arrangement;
  • Ideal for both leave-on and rinse-off applications.

KERASHAFT ALAB: Hair “Skinification:” Bond Repair and 100% Natural Cationic Conditioning Active

  • Specialty based on vegetable and bio-fermented amino acids aimed to replace synthetic cationic conditioning actives.
  • Conditioning performances comparable to leading benchmark Cetrimonium Chloride;
  • Improves hair manageability and appearance;
  • Anti-frizz, detangling and bond re-arrangement booster;
  • Ideal for hair pattern type from 1 to 4, from fine to textured and thick to thin hair;
  • 100% “green” and vegan composition;
  • Ideal for leave-on/rinse-off applications and styling products.

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